Bible Convention

Abbeygreen Bible Convention

Our Bible convention takes place every year on the first Saturday evening in November when a guest preacher of national or international repute is invited to bring the Word of God to all who gather from near and far. The evening is well worth attending knowing as it does preaching of the highest calibre and the ministry of our choir leading us in our praise.

All welcome.

Previous Speakers

2019 Sandy Roger
2018 Norman Mackay
2017 Robert Murdock
2016 Sinclair Ferguson
2015 Martin Allen
2014 Steven Lawson
2013  Bill Hughes
2012  Iain D. Campbell
2011  Norman Mackay
2010  Kenneth Stewart
2009  Sandy Roger
2008  Jonathon Stephen
2007  Colin Tamplin
2006  Eric Alexander
2005  David Meredith
2004  Eric Alexander
2003  David Cassells
2002  Sinclair Ferguson
2001  Bill Hughes
2000  George Philip
1999  Martin Allen
1998  Eric Alexander
1997  Sinclair Ferguson
1996  Liam Goligher
1995  Ian Barclay
1994  Alastair Ross
1993  Robert Walker
1992  Sandy Roger
1991  Derek Prime
1990  Liam Goligher
1989  Bill Hughes
1988  Sinclair Ferguson